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Moonlighting (in Spanx)

Every month I contribute to the It Builds Character site, which is a parenting blog.  I know, right?  Don’t worry – I try to tone it down just a little.  Not so many f-bombs, but just as much sarcasm and angst.  For any of the three or four of you who read this are parents, you should bookmark it.  My pseudonym there is Mama Sully.  You know, just to be really clever about hiding my identity.

So anyways, if you have a love-hate relationship with Spanx, this one’s for you:

Spanx A Lot: My courageous battle with America’s #1 frenemy, shapewear

Bee tee dubs – I expected more from my readers on the Pitbull thing. I mean, for or against, people?! I only have enough money to get one of us a brain MRI.