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Hello, hello, hello. Is anybody out there?

Just nod if you can hear me…

This may be a monumental mistake. I stopped writing this blog religiously A LONG TIME AGO. When I was still young and spry. But recently, I realized that my rage needs an outlet and perhaps if I started writing my sarcastic little satires about life again, I would become docile and then my relative lack of anxiety would make me less inclined to eat cake and Oreos for breakfast.

The big question I have, beyond whether conditioning my hair is really the biggest thing I need to fear in a nuclear fallout situation, is whether I should start fresh with an all new blog since both Oprah and I are in a completely different phase of life than we were when I started Love Notes, or if I should just keep this one humming along because I just did all that work just now to retrieve my password and log into WordPress after 5 years?

Right now I’m thinking the latter. So, just as an experiment – if somehow, someone who used to read this blog still has it on RSS (is that even a THING anymore?!), let me know. Because shit is about to get real up in here. I’ve got about seven years, a life in the suburbs and a whole other kid’s worth of stuff to discuss. What is important to note is that I’ve really, truly, finally given up my dream of being Oprah’s best friend, but I will never give up on being Barry (Obama)’s (and nor will she).  But I sense I will have no trouble somehow weaving him into every post I write, at least until our new president finds a way to blow up the planet, and I hunt Barack and Michelle down in heaven and I finally get that selfie with them I’ve always dreamt about.  So rest assured that this new incarnation of Love Notes will not only be about the End of Days, but also all about the silver linings that come with them.