So um, can I come back?

This question is as much for the 1-2 people that might see this as it is for me.  I stopped writing Love Notes about 18 months ago, and I blamed it on an unplanned pregnancy and a new job and Oprah’s 25th and last season and that was that. I just lost the will/time to write.  And since then I have even a newer job and now three kids and I live in the suburbs and I’ll be damned if there aren’t some stories to tell about that.  I lost something important to me when I stopped writing my blog.  But I’d like to find it again, I think.  And I’d like to do it here on Love Notes. So I think maybe I’m going to stage a comeback.  No idea when or if I’ll post weekly, but as long as I can tell my stories when my stories are ready to be told, I’ll be good.  And maybe so will you because you’ll laugh at how retarded I am on a daily basis.  Although I think ‘retarded’ is poor word choice. Lets just you and me call it ’emotional intelligence’.

But I guess I was wondering if any of my old readers/compatriots still have me on Google Reader or will find me again.  I guess it isn’t all that important because the important often retarded stories I have to tell will find an audience somewhere, right?

Holla back if you’re still out there.  I missed you.

15 responses to “So um, can I come back?

  1. I’m still here. I’ve missed you too!

    Good work on recognizing/fueling a void in your soul. Can’t wait to hear your humorous and intellectual musings once again. Take your time 🙂

    From Love: Oh Miki – it’s an honor!

  2. YES YES YES! can’t wait to hear your stories…miss you blog lots! i’ll be here…whenever you find time to post
    although, i can definitely do without the R word ;0)

  3. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    Oh…the thrill when I saw your post hit my email. I check your blog longingly from time to time. I am trying to have at least one uplifting experience every day. You have given one.

    I’m all ears…oops…eyes!

    From Love – How I love your inisghts. Thanks for keeping me in your orbit!

  4. LOVE!!!!!!!! I have missed you. I would never take you off my reader. Blog away.

    P.S. I’ve gotten a new blog (that I still largely neglect) in the time that you went MIA from the Internet, so if you don’t recognize me, this is Belle. So freaking excited for the revival of Love Notes.

    From Love – BELLE!! Sara?! I thought I lost you forevs. I kept checking the old site and it gave me a taste of my own medicine. I couldn’t believe you sucked as bad as me and dropped out of the blogosphere. But you haven’t!! Thank GOD. Thank GOD. Can’t wait to get reacquainted!

  5. You’re baaaaaaaaaack! This is Kellie (Sara’s sister) FYI. I suck and do not blog – but I can’t wait to read yours! Missed you!

    From Love – OMG. You guys are so out-of-the-closet-not-in-the-gay-way now. And I’m still Love. But you can’t really beat when WordPress says “Howdy, Love” at the top of your little WordPress dash. Congrats on your little lady. I didn’t want to be one upped by you, so I got me a little one of those too. Thanks for coming back.

  6. I found you just last week and I was so sad to see you hadn’t posted in almost a year! I am glad you are back and I will definitely keep up with you. If you post more it might inspire me to actually post something.

    From Love – Joanie, however did you find me? I thought that was impossible – I hadn’t even checked the blog in 10 months. The burbs, the kids, corporate America and Oprah’s abandonment have chewed me up and spit me out but I think I still have some life in me. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Your Big-Boobed Sister

    HELL YES!!! I’m bouncing up and down! Although I was lucky enough to get the skinny from you directly during your absence, (talking to you is like dinner and a show!) I would still hopelessly check the blog like it was all just a bad dream and you were really posting the whole time 😦 So bring on the hilarity!

    From Love – I bet you’re bouncing, just to show off that your boobs jiggle. THANKS.

  8. I’m still here! Would love to read your posts, Love!

    From Love – Wait…you have time to read blogs? Excellent!

  9. I meant to say you hadn’t posted in over a year. I found you in the BlogHer trenches. Random trolling does pay off! 🙂

    From Love – Well I guess so!! Thanks for joining my small tribe here at Love Notes!

  10. I am overjoyed to know you are back online!! Brightened my whole day!!!

    From Love – who knew swearing and sarcasm make people so happy?

  11. Awesome! I never took you off my reader in the hopes that you’d start writing again. Looking forward to it!

    From Love – I wish I knew how to write your Chinese name, but I’m overjoyed to see you back and to catch up on your new blog address! I hope it’s okay I call you June?

    • That’s OK – you can call me An (my Chinese name). June is my middle name and I’ve always hated it. I don’t know why I chose to go by that at my old blog. Obviously I lack creativity.

  12. I stumbled across your blog quite a while back (not sure just how long) looking for the proper words for a Huey Lewis song (“Takin’ what they’ve givin’ ’cause I’m workin’ for a livin'”). I read the post that Google served up, and was intrigued. I poked around a little and your writing grabbed me. Then I figured out that you weren’t writing posts anymore, and tried to email you to find out where you had started writing instead (nobody who writes like you do does it because they want to, they do it because they have to, because it’s in them and fighting to get out, because I have the same demon of rhetoric writhing inside me), but the email was defunct. So I subscribed to your RSS feed, crossed my fingers, and hoped you’d resurface.

    There is a shortage of great writing in the world, and writers like you change that little by little with every sentence you publish. Please keep this up, however often you can. You are doing people who love writing a tremendous favor by continuing to put your work out here for people to stumble upon…and fall in love with. Thank you so much for coming back. Thank you.

    From Love – Wow JT. I’ve never received such a kind compliment since someone told me I looked just like Kate Winslet. Thank you for such kind words. You made my day!

  13. yes come back! I have just recently come across your blog but am addicted! I have started to become addicted to blogging, and I discovered that it is really addicting!

    From Love – Blogging can be addictive and dangerous. Proceed with caution.

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