Still breathing

Okay, so it’s Christmas(time) and my in-laws are in town and it’s snowing and I almost died in a grisly pile up (in my mind) with my two little dudes in a blizzard yesterday and methinks there is a non-“the Man” company that wants to employ me and I got addicted to Groupon , which will probably lead to bankruptcy shortly, plus I got an iPod touch for Christmas that I have been making passionate love to (the iPod might call it “rape” though) for two whole days and Tiger hasn’t called me since Thanksgiving and I’m sure there are a lot of other good excuses, but the net of it is that I can’t sit down and write for hours this week, as I am generally wont to do.  The App Store is just too alluring.  But I’m sure the excitement and anticipation of 2010 will change ALL that. I mean, it should, right? Except that I have neither anticipation or excitement for 2010. I think because I’m still following  @Johncmayer on Twitter.

Oh, and nobody except my biggest blogger BFF herself commented on the first part of my last trilogy, so either nobody is reading, or it just kind of sucked ass and Belle was too nice to just say so.  I can totally cut that storyline off.  I mean, I still haven’t shared about the time I was falsely imprisoned in a Chicago taxicab for 35 harrowing minutes by a dude that looked like Seal, only worse, but still made it to my own dinner party in one piece.  You know.

So holla if you care one way or another.


12 responses to “Still breathing

  1. Stumbled across your blog on the dashboard. Your “intro to you” page caught me. You seem hilarious. Figured I’d show you some blogger with a fake name (these are my initials. Not too fake!) is reading your stuff! I’ll def visit again.

    PS: I stopped following John Mayer a while ago. He’s too obnoxious in his tweets for me. Just an opinion.

    From Love – Yes, I think John Mayer may be the source of all of the troubles I’ve had since 1998. I think I’ll give him the heave ho on January 1. Maybe he’ll write a song about it.

  2. So, I got to your blog through your gay neighbor, D. M. and he told me that you are the new love of his life and that you are hysterical. I read the first part of the trilogy and liked it a lot, so take it for what it is worth.

    From Love – Welcome to the party! I adore D & J and they have brought new purpose to my life. I’ve needed them for a LONG time and now God has answered my prayers, which totally proves there is a God.

  3. Aww shuuucks! It’s your blogger BFF here. I need you to finish the trilogy. I feel like it may or may not provide me with answers to the whole what am I doing with my life question. Don’t let me down Love. Although, false imprisonment… that could be cool too. Trilogy then imprisonment. Priorities, Love.

    From Love – The Voice of Reason speaks. Done.

  4. Ok Love – you must finish the trilogy! I need to know what happens next ; ). Selfishly I also need the entertainment.

    From Love – I have some out of town guests you may know that I’m trying not to ignore, so as soon as they take flight, the trilogy begins again!!

  5. Your false imprisonment story is the reason I will not ride in a taxi alone. It must be told. However, the one where you found a clip of $1000 cash money in a cab is why I ignore the first story and take my chances. How come all the exciting shit happens to you and all I get is a lesson on the seven pillars of Islam?

    From Love – Ah, Sister! You give away all of my secrets! But perhaps I should juxtapose the perils and goodness of Chicago cab rides with those two stories!! I shall.

  6. …catching up on your blog and listening to Fireflies by Owl City…my new favorite song. It makes me feel so happy. 🙂 I love everything you write. I thought the 911 call my daughters made while I was in the shower was bad. Your FBI story trumps mine hands down. Two police officers showed up in my bedroom while I was in the shower…naked. All I thought was, how much do I owe you for the 911 call and how soon can you leave.

    Enjoy the New Year!

    From Love – You naked in the shower? You could have charged them!

  7. I care! I’ve been traveling (you know, the whole Christmas “talk-to-your-family-and-not-read-blogs-all-day” thing) and will catch up momentarily.

    You attention whore, you.

    From Love – I’m trying not to be a diva. It’s just that if my stories start sucking, I just want to know so I can hang it up…can I count on you to tell me when I’ve jumped the shark?

  8. I’ve been out of town but definitely want to hear the rest! I’m still catching up on my blogs…

  9. Back from KY. I care! 🙂

  10. Oh Love! Viva the trilogy! Please continue. I read your blog ALL. THE.TIME. even though I don’t always leave a comment since I usually read it from my iPhone (um, maybe the best invention ever) and I don’t always have the patience to type on that thing.

    Thought of you over Christmas as I listened to August and Everything After in its entirety on the way home from the weekend with the crazy Fox News-icans. BTW, every member of my boyfriend’s family received a copy of Glenn Beck’s new book for christmas, and we were all treated to several lectures on healthcare and Obama’s evils.

    Am in a spiral of disarray. I NEED your blog!

    From Love – A weekend with the Faux Newsicans? Drink, my child. Drink. Then read my blog.

    Here’s to a great 2010~~

  11. This broke my heart. I am the worst blogger friend.

    But onward! to numero dos of the trilogy. Can’t wait.

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