Pour Some Sugar on Me – Love’s Mom Crush Revival

She wrote back.

I have very weird feelings about this because I truly do feel like I’m way too psycho for my own good, (because I’m NOT psycho, normally. Really!) but I did email her and she did respond and she does want to get lunch again. Holy shit. Now I’m all sweaty-palmed again and tongue-tied. I suggested we revisit the site of our first “real” date again.  But this is crazy. I mean, this pursuit will now have been happening since 2005 and for all I know, one of us isn’t cool anymore (and it’s probably me).  I have to drink about this. I mean think. No. I definitely mean drink.

So I asked her to be my friend on Facebook too.  Good Lord, I’m screwed up. But we met each other pre-FB, so I have to see what her statuses are like and see pictures of her kids and husband so that my fantasies can become all that more intricate.  I keep checking to see if she has accepted. She hasn’t. Maybe she is one of those nice people that can’t say no even though they know they should….OR…maybe her facebook status reads: Kirsten hearts Love and she doesn’t want me to be her friend because she is embarrassed that I could see it.  That makes a lot of sense. That is probably it. For sure.

But I’m going to move my posts on to another subject until Kirsten and I go on our first unicorn ride together  in Pleasure Town ad she learns our secret handshake and she comes to the next party I am already planning in my head in her honor. Then I’ll tell you all about it. Promise.  Unless you have better ideas??


2 responses to “Pour Some Sugar on Me – Love’s Mom Crush Revival

  1. Oh, I love unicorn rides in Pleasure Town!

    From Love – Who doesn’t, right? Maybe me, Obama, Oprah and Kirsten could all go together. Damn you, Copenhagen (Love shakes fist at the sky)!

  2. Success!!! Quick response too. She’s totally in love with you. And she totally has a secret blog in which she is talking about her mom crush on you.

    From Love – Could it be?! I will Google it.

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