If you were to tell me that I’m a mother of two, I wouldn’t believe you

I wouldn’t. And yet, the facts show that I am indeed a mother of two. I even have a muffin top that I swear at every day to remind me of this fact, and yet…

Moms are supposed to be responsible, mature and organized.  I am none of these.

Moms are supposed to know how to cook, make scrapbook thingies and keep their kids’ faces clean. Umm…no on all three counts at my house.

Moms don’t let their kids watch too much TV, listen to inappropriate music or play outside by themselves. My kids have seen every episode of Scooby-Doo ever created, can sing every word to both Kanye’s and The Killers latest albums and I’ve had my 2 year old returned to me no less than three times by a mother who does supervise her children.  (I should note that I wouldn’t have let the two year old out by himself on purpose, but he escapes a lot while I’m checking Facebook or watching Oprah. It’s a conundrum.)

Moms with careers are always talking about feeling guilty that their kids are at daycare. I rejoice because I know I am doing them a favor by working. Their daycare is 100% more safe, fun and educational than their time at home with me.

Moms aren’t supposed to bring their kids to McDonalds more than 4 times a year. They are supposed to feed them homemade, organic foods and shop for earth conscious toys.  The bulk of my children’s toys came out of Happy Meals, which I purchase an average of twice a week for them. I am madly in love with the McDonalds #2 meal and whatever addictive drug they put in the Diet Coke, so I feel a compulsion to go there whenever I’m feeling elated or anxious or happy or sad or lazy. Which covers most days. So the fact we only go twice a week kind of makes me a martyr for my children’s health.

Moms know which way they are supposed to go in the school parking lot and whether their kids are legally required to get vision tests before kindergarten and they dress their kids cutely and/or appropriately for school.  Can I just tell you – my five year old picks out his own clothes, which I buy in bulk from eBay because stores confuse me, so nothing generally matches and there are always a few things in there that I wouldn’t have paid for any day of the week, like the oversized dork dark purple T-shirt with this sci-fi D&D dragon on it in neon colors. Its something Napoleon Dynamite would have salivated over, and would get my son justifiably jacked by a posse of 8 year olds for wearing if he were eight, but at five he adores it and insists on wearing it with red and black wind pants. Which don’t match. At all.

I try not to photograph my children when they look like this to save them a little money in future therapy sessions and so I can look back when I’m old and make up stories about what a good mother I was, but I’m sure the other mothers at school are thinking “WTH is the matter with that kid’s mother?” (not WTF, because I’m convinced I’m the only mother whose thought bubbles must always include an F-bomb).  I know I would be thinking that about me if I were them.  But as you know, I’m a lover, not a fighter.  So as long as he has clothes on of any kind and we’re out the door on time to give me the extra 20 minutes I require to navigate the school’s fucking traffic pattern and catch my train, I’m not going to complain.

Moms are also supposed to edit their thoughts around their children. If a four year old asks, “Mom, what is a terrorist?” because he is listening a little too closely to NPR, a good mom says “Oh, honey. Don’t worry about that. Lets go to the farmers market and get some delicious organic beets!”  I go into a 20 minute lecture about who terrorists are, which depending on your religion and politics, could be just about anybody and cite examples from September 11, which of course, he wasn’t even alive for.  I’m sure my 5 year old knows more about war, prisons, and the criminal justice system than any kid his age. If he asks an intelligent question, I give him a totally age inappropriate, (hopefully) intelligent answer, like we’re in a masters political science program together. The other day while he and the neighbor kids were playing cops and robbers, I hear my son protest as he’s being brought to the jail in the backyard:  “COPS don’t decide if robbers go to jail! The JUDGE decides that! And probably the robber’s lawyer will say hes not guilty so it could take forever to figure out if he is going to jail!  I can get out on bail you know!” That almost got him beaten up, but it made my day. Someone in my house listens to me.

I’m just nothing like a person who fits my description of an appropriate mom.  I’m not like my mom and I get the feeling I’m very little like the other moms I regularly crash into every morning in the school parking lot.  Even blogging moms – they have mouths as dirty as mine – but I get lost in all the talk over prescription drug abuse. I have no idea what Xanax or Vicodin or Percocet are — but I hear about them all the time.  From what I gather, they must be sweet. But I’m a weird mom, so I don’t even have an prescription drug addiction worth noting.

So I come up short a lot. And I find myself gasping sometimes when I tell myself, “Love, these kids have only one mother. And that is you. That’s pretty wack.” To which I answer, “I know, RIGHT?” to which I then reply, “Poor kids”.  And then I say a prayer for them and start writing a new blog to try and forget the sorrow I feel for them that they didn’t get one of the totally normal moms.

On the other hand, the kids do have a few things going for them because of the mom they have:

1) If there is ever a b-boy competition in kindergarten, all of the hours my son spends watching ABDC on TiVo and having me rate his performance (pa-fo-mince) with spot-on impressions of Mario Lopez, Lil’ Mama, Shane Sparks and J.C. Chasez, will pay off and he will totally win. (“YO! That was so DOPE! Can I get a slow mo on dat?!”)

2) When the plague comes around again, my kids will survive — and thrive– because there isn’t a germ they haven’t picked up in daycare, or school,  or from a 4 day old discarded half-eaten cheeseburger that they finished off after finding it on the ground in the park.  Seriously, bubonic plague — bring it on.

3) I posted an excruciatingly long video on YouTube for my family blog of my toddler son “playing” the guitar and singing his own made up songs which inexplicably has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and which advertisers now want to pay us for.  So I know how to pimp out my kids so that they can go to college.

4) Each of my sons will be happily married. I find it hard to believe that they could marry anybody who, when compared to their mom,  will not blow them away with her mad skills in any culinary, cleaning, or child care domain. I think I’ve set the bar low enough that if she knows how to make any meal from ingredients that do not come directly from a box, they’ll commit the rest of their lives to worship her.  And the best marriages are those wherein the men are easily satisfied and worship their wives.

5) They’ll never doubt how much they are loved.  One thing I do excel at is telling them how much I adore them, how incredibly special they are and showering them with hugs and kisses.  I do that well. Because I can’t help it. And because they’re awesome  — even if they are single-handedly responsible for this goddamn muffin top.


8 responses to “If you were to tell me that I’m a mother of two, I wouldn’t believe you

  1. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    Number #5 is all that’s needed…right?
    And, BTW, I worked and toiled to sew great outfits for my daughters, who now say, “You let me wear that?”
    There should have been an Oprah then. What we learn on her good days trumps all of our bad things.

    From Love – Amen! …And thanks for letting me know I don’t have to add not knowing how to sew to the list of my inadequacies.

  2. Um, think bright yellow jumper with McDonalds characters on all the pockets (of which there were way more than necessary). That was my favorite outfit in the first grade – I wish there were photos – I still get a kick remembering the outfits I picked out as a kid. Rock on Love – and photograph those outfits.

    From Love – The kicker is that he got asked to a “play date” (God, I hate that term) when he was wearing that get up. I’m generally scared to death of those, but I agreed to bring him over from daycare to the play date. And then I realized what he was wearing. I doubt he’ll ever be invited again. Photos are forever…

  3. Hey there Love
    From one crazy mother to another….WELL DONE! Your child will probbaly grow up healthy and happy and well adjusted, without any guilt about “I (as in you) sacrificed SO much for you…how dare you grow up and leave me and live your own life happliy…”
    Saturate your children in love and watch them thrive! 😀

  4. “real moms” suck! & they’re boring!
    we’re a whole lot more fun!

    From Love – Real moms must be a minority. But their influence is very powerful. We should rise up and let our voices be heard!! But then that would take energy I just don’t have… 🙂

  5. Pingback: Leader of the Pack « A Letter to my Children

  6. I found you through Double Sifted. I loved this post. There is so much that I relate to in it. Who needs Stepford kids? Well loved kids with wrinkles and stains turn out to be better adults.

    From Love – Oh thank God! Will you tell my husband and my judgy “perfect mom” neighbor down the street always giving me the stink eye?!

  7. You’re the best kind of mom. You sound a lot like my mom.

    Belle insisted going to school with pigtails (one braided and one not), wearing a tutu and cowboy boots. She also insisted on wearing jean skirts over her t-ball pants. And my mom let her….every time.

    We also ate McDonald’s every other night because Chicken McNuggets with 18 packs of ketchup were the only things we liked.

    We never washed our hands because we are dirty and guess what! We didn’t die or anything!

    Keep doing what you do….maybe with the exception of letting your kids listen to that NPR crap. 🙂

    From Love – Oh Jesus. I tried to explain to my son today on the way to school what car insurance is because he asked what would happen if I crashed the car. He gets a little anxious when we near the school parking lot because I have caused so many near fatal accident close calls. Also, I was agitated that he had on a black and grey shirt with a red electric guitar on it (cool, right?) but he hadto wear them with his royal blue windpants. I have to burn all his windpants. But you know what, so far he has not asked to wear a jean skirt over the T-ball pants, so what am I complaining about?! And you and Belle turned out okay, even if you don’t listen to my beloved NPR. 🙂

  8. What you lack in way of a prescription drug addiction, you make up for with an Oprah addiction. No wories.
    Also, when will you be posting the video of your son b-bopping?
    Finally, DO YOU REALIZE you only barely mentioned Oprah in this post?! Wtf?
    p.s. I’d much rather be a kid in your house than any Stepford wife’s house!

    From Love – I am sworn to an oath of anonymity, so unfortunately no pictures of my kids. But you know they are YouTube sensations so they are out there. I’ve been having a crisis re: Oprah because her new season is has sucked and I need her to stop with all the celebrities and gimmicks and start bringing the hard hitting interviews with people whose lives totally suck so that mine in comparison is totally awesome.
    Forgive me, Oprah. For I have sinned…

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