I’m a lover, not a fighter…

— Michael Jackson to Paul McCartney on “The Girl is Mine”, one of only two totally unknown and wrongly unheralded tracks on the Thriller album.

I feel like the blogger who has lost her way. I started this whole thing because I’m on a journey to peace and love and understanding and then – DAMMIT! my ADD kicks in and I start bitching about my Facebook friends, and people who put signs on their cars to protect their babies and how my sister has bigger boobs. I even went so far as to be critical of the Big O herself and I’m feeling so very guilty about this on her big 24th season kickoff celebration only a few miles away.

When I took that entire 3 minutes to conceptualize my blog and sign up on WordPress, I was thinking I should probably re-tell many of the bizarre fiascoes I have managed to get myself into and swear a lot because of the pure joy it gives me. Oh, and ask all the questions that I’m not allowed to ask in real life for fear that the Soccer Mom mafia would come find me and make me bake something healthy and be in charge of the craft for the next class party as my punishment.

But its time for a positive blog entry. So I am delighting all with the little video clips that make me joyful and/or laugh my ass off. Please, enjoy.

SNL Oprah’s Favorite Things Parody

I’m on a boat AND I got my Nautica themed pashmina Afghan…

If this doesn’t fill your heart with joy, I don’t know what will…

…I wish my Hasidic neighbors were as cool as this dude. Maybe they are – they just don’t talk to me.

…and finally, how I am only one of a few hundred people to see this video and think its the bomb is astounding…my gift to you…


4 responses to “I’m a lover, not a fighter…

  1. “The Girl is Mine” totally kicks “Man in the Mirror” ‘s a**.

    From Love – I hear you, but its no P.Y.T…

  2. Recently, my husband walked in the room and said, “Nel, you have to watch the video on You Tube called I’m On A Boat!” I almost shat myself because he thought he had just discovered it. I had to break it to him that everyone in the world knew every word that song already.

    From Love – My husband introduced me to it awhile ago and, much to his chagrin, I never, ever tire of it. Ever.

  3. nothing better than PYT!

    i love everything that Andy Sandberg does!

    that Where the Hell is Matt video totally put a smile on my heart! ♥

    Matisyahu is 1 of my very fav artists EVER!

    thx 4 visiting my blog (via MWV)! nice 2 “meet” u! :0)

  4. First of all, I just shat myself because I love that nel used the word shat AND I think I was the last person to hear about the on a boat video. Love you just made my whole weekend with these videos!!

    From Love – Thanks for all the love J9. Perhaps I should also start using “shat” since you and Nel love it so.

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