Stuff This White Person Likes

i pretty much tried to say everything i needed to say in the ‘my story’ section, but then i remembered that once upon a time, not too long ago, i thought i was a special, unique person with my own special, unique thoughts. it wasn’t until i stumbled upon Stuff White People Like that it became clear there is absolutely nothing that differentiates me from all the other white people. except “halloween”, “oscar parties” and “having two last names”. i hate the first, don’t understand the second and i’m too lazy for the third.  i think that makes me 3% ethnic, so i have beef up on my “awareness” and “being offended” and if we’re being honest, white people like to think they aren’t 100% white, so this is working for me. however, i will cop to doing the 23andme thing, and they’ll show you the ancestry of your chromosomes to say whether they are usually european, african or asian markers. i was totally secretly praying that i had some african and asian in me because then i would have proof that there must be some good stories my grandparents never thought to mention rhythm or some math ability in there somewhere, but alas….100% european. it was a real let down, let me tell you.

there is one thing missing from that list though – i would also like to nominate andy samberg and note my outrage that he isn’t already on the list.

i heart you, andy samberg and i’m pretty sure most white people do too…


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